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Image by Cory Woodward

Drywall Installation in Pittsboro, NC

There are many aspects that come together when a house is built or repaired. One of the most critical features in a home is, of course, the walls, which are typically made of drywall. This material is made from a panel of gypsum plaster and is secured to the skeleton of the house to create the walls and define rooms, but sometimes these panels must be replaced or repaired.

If your drywall has been damaged or you are looking for drywall or sheetrock installation to expand your home, I & A Home Improvement is the company for you. As a professional drywall contractor, I & A Home Improvement can help you with any home repairs or improvements you may need. We can even offer you our painting service after the panels are hung so you can return to your life as quickly as possible.


For more information about drywall installation or to speak with an experienced sheetrock contractor, please contact I & A Home Improvement in Pittsboro, NC, today!

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