Home Improvements in Pittsboro, NC

As a premiere home improvements company in Pittsboro, NC, our skilled team will gladly come to your home to fix, repair or build. One of the most simple ways to upgrade your home is by investing in a quality painting service. Toted as one the most budget-friendly options for renovations, our painter will be happy to give you a fresh hue to brighten your home.

If during interior painting we find that you need a new drywall installation or other home repairs, we are happy to help. Holding multiple contractor licenses, we can provide everything from basic trim repairs to performing a full siding repair on the exterior of your home. Not only do we want you and your family to feel comfortable in the home that you live in but we value your safety.

The next time you need a home repairs, call I & A Home Improvement in Pittsboro, NC at (919) 225-2908 today for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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